Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cause I dont tell you this nearly enough

You know those stupid quizzes that people make on facebook, yeah you know the ones that people make so you fail on purpose and feel bad. They put in questions like what town was I born in and of course you pick the place they grew up in only to find out the hospital was in some other town. Or you know someones favorite color is blue but the choices are baby blue, navy blue, sky blue, dark blue, well you know what let me open my box of 128 crayola crayons and find out what one looks most like the thing you were talking about when you mentioned blue was your favorite color. Well apparentally i made one of those quizzes. I didnt think it was impossible if youve spent time with me you could have passed. Well obviously not, out of ten people only one passsed thats only 10% and even sadder someone scored a 10% on my quiz! But heres where the title comes in i dont tell you this nearly enough but thank you Michelle for being such a great friend. Thats right shes the only one who passed and i couldnt have asked for a better friend , through the good times at cold-stone, to speeding on the parkway thinkin were gunna die, to the tons of advice i couldnt have made a better friend and hope your always there


Michelle Maldonado said...

ha ha! Looser lol. sometimes i can say ur awesome :-)