Friday, June 12, 2009

okay maybe if i look away they wont say hi

You know who I hate...all the people who refuse to make eye contact with you when your passing by them someplace. You think to yourself hey theres someone i know let me say hi, and right when you do they dodge eye contact. Yeah thats right im talking about you person who looks at the floor, or has to text someone suddenly, or whatever it is. I mean hey maybe some people are like oh i barley know them maybe it would be wierd to say hi, well let me tell you no its not. People always ask why i have so many friends, well heres a clue start with actually saying hi back to those people that take those important five seconds outta there life to say something to you. Hey you dont even wanna say something to the person you even consider waving to them, and in a guys case the all famous "nod". Look at that i just solved your problem you dont even have to speak anymore. But somehow no that not even good enough anymore. Well heres what i say tired of seeing the same old people, tired of doing the same old thing, next time someone gives a shit to say hi to you say hi back you never know you might actually like the person.