Tuesday, June 16, 2009

no , im not excited for it...

People have been asking me if im excited because my birthday is coming up...well heres what i say to them "did i tell you i am?, have i mentioned my birthday?....then no im not excited for it" Truth is, im really not excited for it most of my friends forget about my birthday, and hell lets face it turning 20 sucks. What can i do, i was able to buy a lotto ticket and porn since 18, cigarets since 19, and i cant legally buy lliquor untill im 21. So what is 20 all about?, maybe they should make 20 special somehow for us. Id love to be able to get on the floor of a casino, or even get a big check from the govt. but hey it wont happen so when im 2o dont ask if i feel old or if im happy about it just treat it like a normal birthday cause thats all 20 really is.


Michelle Maldonado said...

Make plans, Maybe then u'll be excited. Think of my ideas that I told u!!