Monday, June 15, 2009


Okay who hates waiting in a line, yeah we all do. So im going to six flags in a few weeks for an early birthday gift and im allready dreading the lines. I mean theres a line for EVERYTHING. Let me take you from the beginning you gotta wait in the line at the toll booth for a parkingpass bam you just lost 5 min right away. Then you gotta wait on the line for the ticket booth just to get in the damn place there goes 10 min. Wanna get on the ride theres a three hour line. Even if you buy the flash pass ok congrats now its a one hour line wow i spent money just to stand on a different line now. But the line madness doesnt stop there you want a bottle of water okay wait 15 min cause theres a line for that. Food its a wrap thats at least a 30 min line. Hey go take your picture with tweety bird and all those other people they got there oh wait look the little kids are waiting in a line for that Gotta take a piss hope you can hold it in for another 5 to 10 min cause you gotta wait on that line now. So heres what i suggest wanna get me a real gift buy me the damn park, hey you never know they did file for bankruptsy.


Michelle Maldonado said...

lmaoo u crack me up!