Tuesday, June 16, 2009

no , im not excited for it...

People have been asking me if im excited because my birthday is coming up...well heres what i say to them "did i tell you i am?, have i mentioned my birthday?....then no im not excited for it" Truth is, im really not excited for it most of my friends forget about my birthday, and hell lets face it turning 20 sucks. What can i do, i was able to buy a lotto ticket and porn since 18, cigarets since 19, and i cant legally buy lliquor untill im 21. So what is 20 all about?, maybe they should make 20 special somehow for us. Id love to be able to get on the floor of a casino, or even get a big check from the govt. but hey it wont happen so when im 2o dont ask if i feel old or if im happy about it just treat it like a normal birthday cause thats all 20 really is.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Okay who hates waiting in a line, yeah we all do. So im going to six flags in a few weeks for an early birthday gift and im allready dreading the lines. I mean theres a line for EVERYTHING. Let me take you from the beginning you gotta wait in the line at the toll booth for a parkingpass bam you just lost 5 min right away. Then you gotta wait on the line for the ticket booth just to get in the damn place there goes 10 min. Wanna get on the ride theres a three hour line. Even if you buy the flash pass ok congrats now its a one hour line wow i spent money just to stand on a different line now. But the line madness doesnt stop there you want a bottle of water okay wait 15 min cause theres a line for that. Food its a wrap thats at least a 30 min line. Hey go take your picture with tweety bird and all those other people they got there oh wait look the little kids are waiting in a line for that Gotta take a piss hope you can hold it in for another 5 to 10 min cause you gotta wait on that line now. So heres what i suggest wanna get me a real gift buy me the damn park, hey you never know they did file for bankruptsy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cause I dont tell you this nearly enough

You know those stupid quizzes that people make on facebook, yeah you know the ones that people make so you fail on purpose and feel bad. They put in questions like what town was I born in and of course you pick the place they grew up in only to find out the hospital was in some other town. Or you know someones favorite color is blue but the choices are baby blue, navy blue, sky blue, dark blue, well you know what let me open my box of 128 crayola crayons and find out what one looks most like the thing you were talking about when you mentioned blue was your favorite color. Well apparentally i made one of those quizzes. I didnt think it was impossible if youve spent time with me you could have passed. Well obviously not, out of ten people only one passsed thats only 10% and even sadder someone scored a 10% on my quiz! But heres where the title comes in i dont tell you this nearly enough but thank you Michelle for being such a great friend. Thats right shes the only one who passed and i couldnt have asked for a better friend , through the good times at cold-stone, to speeding on the parkway thinkin were gunna die, to the tons of advice i couldnt have made a better friend and hope your always there

Friday, June 12, 2009

okay maybe if i look away they wont say hi

You know who I hate...all the people who refuse to make eye contact with you when your passing by them someplace. You think to yourself hey theres someone i know let me say hi, and right when you do they dodge eye contact. Yeah thats right im talking about you person who looks at the floor, or has to text someone suddenly, or whatever it is. I mean hey maybe some people are like oh i barley know them maybe it would be wierd to say hi, well let me tell you no its not. People always ask why i have so many friends, well heres a clue start with actually saying hi back to those people that take those important five seconds outta there life to say something to you. Hey you dont even wanna say something to the person you even consider waving to them, and in a guys case the all famous "nod". Look at that i just solved your problem you dont even have to speak anymore. But somehow no that not even good enough anymore. Well heres what i say tired of seeing the same old people, tired of doing the same old thing, next time someone gives a shit to say hi to you say hi back you never know you might actually like the person.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

All the cool kids were doin it...

Allright guys whats up, my names Chris for those of you who dont know me. So a bunch of my friends started to do this blogger thing so i figured id see what the big deal is about. Just so you get to know me a little better im about to be 20 in a few weeks, im a Junior in college, play hockey a bunch of different instruments, and just love to have a good time. Over the next few weeks follow me ill probally bitch about the same things your thinking or something youve experianced before. Hope you enjoy and if you dont...well i could care less.